Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Music For Days

This is the time in the year where school might seem likes it’s moving slowly and you are living for the weekends. Luckily for us, certain artists can push you through a long day or, for those weekends, make a good day better.

An artist for each day of the week:

Monday: To get the week started on a good note, listen to Miniature Tigers. This whimsical, upbeat band was based in New York and has been releasing new music since 2006. Their music has a cool, yet fun vibe to it. Miniature Tigers work through a lot of emotions, but ultimately their songs can be an automatic mood lifter for those rough Monday mornings.
Best Songs: “Cannibal Queen”, “Tropical Birds” and “Annie Qakley”

Tuesday: For the painful second-Monday, listen to Turnover. Their music’s genre is dream pop, which is basically when alternative rock meets neo-psychedelia. All three of their albums are different, developing from a little angsty to a confident indie sound. They have great melodies and catchy songs to dominate Tuesdays with.
Best Songs: “Humming”, “New Scream” and “Butterfly Dream”

Wednesday: For those sleepy Wednesday mornings, listen to Mac DeMarco. He is a chill person and it reflects in his music. It is soft rock and features recognizable low frequency bass, flat drums and vibrato effects. He sings poetry and his songs can be very relaxing. Whether you are happy or sad, lively or tired, the right Mac DeMarco song is out there for your mood.
Best Songs: “Without Me”, “Salad Days” and “Cooking Up Something Good”

Thursday: For slow days, listen to The Last Shadow Puppets. This band was formed in 2008 by the best members of several alternative rock bands, including Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals. They took a break and then returned with a new album in 2016. Alex Turner, the lead singer, has a very distinct and captivating voice, which creates enchanting melodies to push you through those dreaded Thursdays.
Best Songs: “Miracle Aligner”, “My Mistakes Were Made For You” and “Aviation”

Friday: For good-time Fridays, listen to Spendtime Palace. Although they are a relatively new band, they are on a quick rise. They carry their music with incredible instrument playing and an energetic beat. All their songs are alternative rock, but jazzy. Their music is perfect for hanging out with friends or if you are in need of a good jam.
Best Songs: “Sonora”, “Get It Straight” and “Pay Per View”

Saturday: For happy weekend days, listen to The Growlers. The California-based band began six years ago, and have since released six incredible albums. They have a surfer vibe with a more rock beat, pioneering a genre which has been labelled as “Beach Goth”. Lead singer Brooks Nielsen has a very unique, yet charming and relaxing voice, sure to take you far away from Libertyville.
Best Songs: “Going Gets Tough”, “California” and “Naked Kids”

Sunday: For the Sunday spent with loved ones, listen to some Family and Friends. Similar to The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, their music is folky. It is transformed through their strong guitar playing, which nicely pairs with their warm and genuine lyrics. Perfect for those simple, yet beautiful life moments.
Best Songs: “My Life, My Love”, “Love, and Other Drugs” and “Vestiges”

Upcoming Concerts:
+Arcade Fire-Oct. 30-United Center-Chicago
+The Weeknd-Nov. 2-United Center-Chicago
+Macklemore-Nov. 4-House of Blues-Chicago
+Kid Cudi-Nov. 4 and 5-Aragon Ballroom-Chicago
+Guns N’ Roses-Nov. 6-United Center-Chicago
+Bleachers-Nov. 11 and 12-Riviera Theatre-Chicago

+Grace VanderWaal-Nov. 15-Park West-Chicago